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Chings Red Chilli Sauce 200g


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In stock

  • Red Chilli Sauces by Ching’s Secret is made out of selective and fresh chillies. Often used as an ingredient in cooking dishes to deliver an exciting taste in them. With a tingling and spicy taste, it imparts a much-required Oriental chilly flavour to food.


  • Green Chilli Sauce by Ching’s Secret is made from 100% fresh chillies and other ingredients. With the spiciness of green chillis, this sauce adds a fiery punch to Chinese dishes.


  • Dark Soy Sauce by Ching\’s Secret offers a blend of tanginess and spiciness. Exotic spices and chillies have been blended in this soy sauce to put that extra zing into your dishes. Ching\’s Secret Dark Soy Sauce is an essential ingredient in Chinese cuisines.


  • Dip Spread and Cook with Ching’s Secret Schezwan Chutney. Give your regular recipe a twist – Desi Chinese Style! Dip your favourite snacks or use them as a spread on parathas, pizza, sandwiches and cook Schezwan Biryani, Schezwan Chicken Lollipop and much more. Check out all Schezwan recipes.
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